When you’re planning on hiring a realtor to sell your house, there’s a number of qualities your realtor should have.

Qualities your realtor should have

I’ve put together a list of 8 of the most important qualities an agent should have. Look out for these qualities when interviewing a Realtor to sell your East Vancouver home.

Choosing the right Realtor can make the selling experience more successful and ensure less stress.


The first and most important of the qualities your Realtor should have is experience and expertise. Look for a realtor with a proven track record with many years selling homes in the East Vancouver area.

Years in the industry and how much real estate your agents sells builds experience.  Experience brings valuable insights into local market trends, pricing strategies, and effective marketing techniques.


We’ve been selling East Vancouver real estate for about 20 years so we’ve had an experience selling all kinds of residential real estate. This is what we’d describe as market knowledge. It’s the ability to observe real estate trends at a higher level, better understand property values and how to promote desirable home features to maximize the sale price.

This experience is quite broad and difficult to explain in a few sentences. So to add to the above, it includes the understanding the relationship of different property types & their features to a target market. I can provide an example which will help explain this:

At the time of writing this, we recently had met with a couple interested in selling their duplex in East Vancouver. After explaining our marketing strategy and suggesting a listing price, they had concerns about our assessment of value. Other Realtors who they had interviewed suggested a lower price. The sellers were questioning our accuracy.

In this scenario it wasn’t about comparing their home to other 3 bedrooms of different property types, or calculating based on square footage, likely the practice by the other agents. We understood the target market, current demand for this property type, competition, and how the unique features of the home would be valued. We were the chosen East Vancouver Realtors to market this duplex, and achieved a similar sale price to what we suggested as value.

Our experience and expertise as local Realtors specializing on the Eastside made all the difference in achieving our clients real estate goals.

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Our experience selling different product types in East Vancouver has provided us with an exceptional perspective about marketing real estate. Even within the detached housing sector, there are variations of heritage or classic homes, Vancouver Specials, new homes, contemporary style, luxury houses, among others, which all command different values and marketing strategies.

Having real estate product knowledge is knowing all the different types of real estate, such as condo types, and variants of townhouses, row homes, duplexes, detached houses, and unique mixed property types.

Product knowledge also includes expert experience assessing land value,  the process of land assembly and understanding different types of ownership. As an experienced Realtor its essential to know the different zoning, city & community plans, all of which affect value and how properties are marketed.


Expertise also includes having processes which have been refined over years of selling and marketing homes. From assessing our client’s home value, preparing for listing, media, introduction to the public, negotiation and closing, all require a tremendous about of coordination. We have systems in place to ensure everything happens as it should. When our clients see our organized selling process, they feel confident in our abilities and experience less stress. Once again, this comes from years of experience.


Knowing all the rules and ways to protect our clients from foreseeable and unforeseeable pitfalls is what you can expect from an experienced East Vancouver Realtor such as us.

Having the ability to achieve our client’s real estate goals and then contractually protect those interests through well written and legally binding contracts is something we pride ourselves on. This all comes from experience. Legal and contractual proficiency could be overlooked as a skill but of the many qualities your Realtor should have.

Product knowledge is a skill your realtor should have


This one is somewhat related to the above market knowledge but is more specific. Local market knowledge is one of the qualities your Realtor should have. In this case, it’s having intimate experience with the East Vancouver real estate market and communities.

When I talk about local market experience, I’m referring to knowing everything about the different neighbourhoods such as local schools, daycares, coffee shops, grocery stores, community centres and other significant amenities. We also know the major roadways, parks and what makes each area of East Vancouver special.

Each neighbourhood offers different real estate options, variants, or ratios of property types. As an example, Strathcona and Hastings-Sunrise are older communities and have more classic and heritage style houses. Zoning and community plans can be quite different from one community to the other.

All of the differences of each community will affect property values. A Realtors with local market knowledge will interpret home values more accurately.


It’s important for your agent to have effective communication skills, it’s one of the qualities your Realtor should have. I’m not only talking about just verbal communication, but this also includes all forms.

Strong communication skills are crucial in any real estate transaction. Your realtor should be responsive, timely and keep you updated about the progress of your sale. When I speak of communication about your sale, the communication skills should include well thought out ways to explain the technical marketing. As an example, we provide our clients with a breakdown as how many views and where these views of their property are coming from. Once again, this information doesn’t mean much to a home-seller unless we relate the information to other sales. By doing so, we offer clear and understandable information.

Think about how much your Realtor needs to coordinate. When we’re selling a home, we’re communicating with home repair companies, home stagers, cleaners and home inspectors. We’re also communicating with lawyers, other realtors and the home sellers. While all of this is happening, the most careful communication is also happening with potential buyers.

Communication skills is a quality your realtor should have

As East Vancouver Realtors, we strongly believe our success is directly related to our communication style. It’s essential we provide potential homebuyers with the needed information about a home though our presentation and marketing. Without going too deep into this, as it can be an article on its’ own, let me explain.

The first part is understanding how to communicate information to buyers without overwhelming them. Providing the information buyers want, and at the right time. We read their body language, give them space, ask questions and control the weight of information info digestible chunks. We want buyers for your home to feel welcomed, relaxed and informed.

Communication through our marketing is the second part, which will be covered in more detail in the next section, ‘Marketing Strategy’. It’s about planning, knowing who your target market it for a particular property. We decide what important information needs to be communicated through our marketing and it can be achieved clearly. 


There is no doubt marketing strategy is one of the qualities your Realtor should have. Your Realtor should have a marketing strategy to make your home stand out from the competition. Maximizing exposure and highlighting the best qualities of your home through print and online.

Marketing strategy should encapsulate more than just photography and videography, but include the process of maximizing exposure. Let me explain. When we market East Vancouver real estate, here’s a high-level approach we take to our marketing strategy:

a) Extensive research to determine accurate pricing. There are a few pricing strategies which will affect the way we market your home. Beyond this concept, the fact remains that accurate pricing sets the stage for a successful sale.

b) Preparing your home to show best and attract more attention. This step includes decluttering, fixing any minor repairs, landscaping, possibly painting and definitely cleaning. One of the resources we often employ during this phase is home staging. It’s not always needed but can have dramatic effects. We recently created a video asking the question, ‘should you use home staging‘? We provide a compelling case for taking the time and preparing your home.

c) Based on the features of the home and neighbourhood, while considering the target buyer, we agree upon the best features to highlight. By marketing the most desirable features we achieve higher value.

d) Once we have the home prepared and have decided upon what features to market, all of the media is created. All of our properties are featured with the highest quality photography and videography, including drones. Our flyers and brochures are also the professional and beautiful.

e) Part of our realtor marketing strategy includes a process for showings and how to communicate with home-buyers.

If you’re considering selling your home, feel free to contact us for a more detailed explanation of our marketing and assessment of your home.

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Effective negotiation skills are developed with experience over many years selling real estate. Being able to negotiate is one of the qualities your Realtor should have.

In our experience selling East Vancouver real estate, we’ve observed many potential sales fall apart so close to the finish line. It’s a difference of views, interpreted value, or simply emotions made their way into the discussions.

How do we negotiate differently? We take a calm and pragmatic approach. We also feel part of our job is to keep all parties involved focused on data and facts. Most of our discussions are based on our research. The idea is that the buyer and seller both want to make the sale happen. We find the best path, where both parties are satisfied and can move forward. It sounds easy, but not always the case. Sometimes there’s problem solving involved which I’ll cover in the next section, another quality your Realtor should have.


A real estate transaction is rarely a smooth process. Many challenges come up and a skilled Realtor will have the ability to successfully navigate these difficulties. One of the important qualities your Realtor should have is how to calmly problem solve issues coming up during the transaction.

As a top East Vancouver Realtor, my job is to shield my client from stress when problems arise. Real estate transactions are complex, with many moving parts, there will be issues. As an example, when there’s a problem I map out possible solutions, well before calling my client. Instead of calling to inform them of an issue, I’m ready to present solutions.

Problem solving skills is a  quality your realtor should have


The Realtor you choose to work with should have qualities of integrity and trustworthiness. An agent who has a good reputation in the community and client testimonials will likely possess these qualities.

It’s vital to know your agent will do the right thing in all scenarios. It’s all about professionalism. Your Realtor is representing your most valued asset. You need to know you’re working with someone you can trust. As Realtors we’re always happy to provide potential home-sellers with references. When you’re hiring a Realtor, it should be like any other job interview. Don’t be embarrassed asking for qualifications and references!


Technology Savviness: These days real estate and marketing rely heavily on technology. It’s essential to have a tech savvy Realtor who knows how to take advantage of online marketing. Your agent need to leverage technology to organize their business and facilitate communication. 

On our real estate team, Jacky holds a marketing degree and I majored in computer science. I believe our mix of being tech savvy and excellent marketers has been a driving force for our success as East Vancouver Realtors. This is definitely one of the qualities your Realtor should have. Our team has used technology for keeping files organized, databasing our clients, communication, advertising our listings, running our business and finding new clients.



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