My name is Jacky Levi, a real estate professional in East Vancouver, British Columbia.

As a Jewish Israeli Realtor who speaks English and Hebrew fluently. I’m your connection to the East Vancouver real estate market.

I have 20 years experience helping clients buy & sell local properties. I also take pride in assisting fellow Israelis who relocate to East Vancouver community.

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Jacky was born and raised in Israel, Tel Aviv, after meeting his (Canadian) wife, Tamara. They moved to Vancouver B.C. in the 90’s to build their life and start a family. Jacky is a proud dad and actively involved with his two boys.

Jacky holds a degree in Economics & Business (University of Tel Aviv & U.B.C). He has continued his interest in business marketing, with a focus on real estate.

As an award-winning Jewish Israeli East Vancouver Realtor for 20 years, Jacky has developed the knowledge to educate clients about Vancouver real estate. Jacky also devotes time to public speaking and mentoring other Realtors.


Throughout the years Jacky experienced firsthand the change in the East Vancouver estate landscape. He also witnessed the increase of Israeli & Hebrew-speaking families relocating to East Vancouver.

Jacky notes how many Israeli newcomers are predominantly from the tech sector relocating to East Vancouver for work, along with academics who move for study.

Many graduate students decided to stay and build their life in Vancouver Canada. Jacky has worked with many Hebrew-speaking clients and takes pride, not only in repeat business, but the referral network & client satisfaction in response to his real estate expertise.

They won’t tell you what you don’t ask!

One frustrating point for newcomers is to grasp the cultural differences. Secondly, which is more important, is the difference in the sale process in Vancouver & East Vancouver area versus your native country.

There is a recurring topic that comes up, especially with Israelis , whether they deal with real estate or other professionals. If they don’t explicitly ask the question, the professional won’t volunteer additional data, information and need-to-know facts. This is a classic case of the cultural differences between Israeli and Canadian cultures.

Making it happen


Of course Jacky is busy working with many Israelis and Jewish real estate clients already settled in Vancouver & East Vancouver community. A large part of his business is helping newcomers to Greater Vancouver. There’s a lot of people from all around the world coming to Vancouver & East Vancouver community. Jacky has been collaborating with relocation companies throughout the years to make the process smoother.

The city ranked as one of the best cities to live worldwide for many years. That comes with a price, real estate prices in particular. Prices of real estate in Vancouver have doubled in the past ten years with increased demand year over year. Jacky notes how he’s noticed an increase in demand over the years for his speciality as a Jewish Israeli Realtor in Greater Vancouver.

The area of the Jewish Community & The Jewish school VTT (Vancouver Talmud Torah) situated along the Oak Street corridor between Kind Edward & 41st Ave increased in popularity and value in the past decade. It has become one of the most expensive areas in Vancouver Westside.

The good news, the city of Vancouver & the surrounding suburbs are geographically close together in comparison to other Canadian cities. Jacky, East Vancouver’s #1 Jewish Israeli Realtor, can make suggestions and ensure you find a wonderful home within budget.


Dealing with a Hebrew speaking Jewish Israeli Realtor, someone who truly understands cultural differences like Jacky, will give you the  assurance of full transparency and a well-rounded experience.

A licensed realtor’s job in B.C. is equivalent to the appraiser, realtor, and lawyer of the typical transaction in Israel. We conduct the market evaluation, draft the purchase agreement, and manage the search process and access to potential properties.

We also research sales history, city records and land title documents, and manage the due diligence process. 


“There’s lots of information to share on this topic. It’s hard to convey on a webpage. Let’s have a conversation and we can talk more details about your plans”

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