As one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city, Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood represents a beautiful collection of 19th and 20th century buildings.  Indeed, designated as a heritage area by the City of Vancouver Heritage Inventory in 1986, the neighbourhood features a wide range of building styles from small cottages and vernacular houses to Queen Anne Homes in addition to heritage schools and churches.  Today, Strathcona is a neighbourhood with tree-lined streets, picturesque front porches, and bountiful flowering gardens. 

The location of Strathcona is a pleasant oasis adjacent to Vancouver’s bustling Chinatown and False Creek Flats.  Throughout the neighbourhood, you’ll find spacious parks such as MacLean Park and Strathcona Park where you’re sure to find residents enjoying the splash pool or practicing Tai Chi. 

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Strathcona features highly desirable East Vancouver real estate as the neighbourhood provides easy access to the city, a distinctly 19th century appeal, and access to many great amenities such as Carnegie and Strathcona Community Centres, the Vancouver Public Library, and Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre.

The boundaries of Strathcona can be approximated as the Burrard Inlet and Great Northern Way to the north and south and Main Street and Clark Drive to the West and East.  With many vintage shops, cafes, breweries, and so much more, it should come as no surprise that Strathcona homes for sale are highly sought-after.




As expert Strathcona Realtors, We have seen Strathcona transform into an idyllic neighbourhood that seems as if it came straight from a movie scene. Diverse people, community focus, history, amenities, and so much more make Strathcona homes for sale popular among urban professionals and young families alike.  Let’s have a closer look.

  • Diversity – no matter what demographic you’re considering, it’s likely to be represented in Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood.  There are large populations of Indigenous Peoples, Chinese-Canadians, and many other cultural backgrounds are represented not to mention individuals from different ages and incomes.  With that in mind, there is also a diversity of real estate in this neighbourood – Strathcona duplexes, Strathcona condos, and Strathcona townhouses make the area accessible no matter your budget.

  • History – As your premier Strathcona Realtor, we can also say with confidence that the neighbourhood features a strong community focus.  The uniquely diverse population shares a keen interest in maintaining a strong sense of community.  It’s a true neighbourhood with neighbourly values dominated by a sense of openness, acceptance, and kindness.  What’s more, is the community-driven mentality dates back for decades. For example, when the City wanted to develop freeway access to Vancouver, it was Strathcona residents that banded together to prevent the project.  Worldwide, the lack of freeway access is lauded by urban planners for helping Vancouver to maintain its residential appeal.

  • Amenities – myriad parks, fitness and community centres, shops, restaurants, and libraries are all a short walk from Strathcona homes for sale.  Whatever you need – from the City’s most renowned entertainment venues including Rogers Arena and BC Place to quaint vintage shops and premier restaurants are all a short walk from your doorstep in Strathcona.

Your top East Vancouver Realtors with Oakwyn Realty are poised to help you embrace the diversity, community, history, and amenities that make Strathcona such a unique and vibrant place to live.

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As you can imagine, Strathcona is steeped in history.  As Vancouver was booming in the late 19th century, Strathcona emerged as one of the first residential neighbourhoods in East Vancouver.  Originally named the East End, Strathcona has a long history of ethnic diversity and working-class roots.  Today, Strathcona represents a wide range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds and stands as the only neighbourhood in Vancouver where English is not the most commonly spoken language.

In the 1950s, City planners were determined to demolish the neighbourhood in an attempt at urban renewal that would bring more public housing and a freeway to Vancouver.  Instead, Strathcona residents mobilized to oppose the plan and for upgrades and renovations to the eclectic mix of housing including Strathcona condos, Strathcona townhomes, Strathcona duplexes, and other Strathcona homes for sale.  Their opposition was successful and ultimately in the late 60s the community obtained funding from the federal, provincial, and municipal governments for neighbourhood upgrades.

More recently, many homes in Strathcona have been designated heritage homes and restoration projects are common.  The streets are decidedly quaint and homes feature robust gardens not to mention ample green-space.  This is a truly one-of-a-kind neighbourhood in Vancouver that continues to gain popularity in the East Vancouver real estate market.


When you’re choosing an East Vancouver realtor, it’s important to focus on finding a professional that not only understands market trends and real estate potential, but one that also knows Vancouver’s diverse communities.

Vancouver represents a highly competitive real estate market, and the best East Vancouver realtor is one that has experience with a variety of properties, buyers, and sellers throughout the eclectic neighbourhoods in the region.

Additionally, the best Strathcona Realtor is one that understands fundamental marketing principles and can optimize marketing potential among a variety of media including print media, the internet and social media. 

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Serving Vancouver for more than 20 years, we’re licensed with Oakwyn Realty and are your premier Strathcona Realtors.  We are locally focused and we are proud to have built a reputation as professional agents with an unparalleled combination of real estate expertise and community knowledge. 

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We maintain open communication throughout your real estate journey and we respond to all your feedback.  Additionally, we maintain solid partnerships throughout the East Vancouver Realtor community.

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Ultimately, we’re your Strathcona Realtors because we know the neighbourhood, we learn what you want and need, we bring East Vancouver real estate expertise, and we have rock-solid relationships with our colleagues throughout the industry.


When you are selling your Strathcona home, Oakwyn Realty is poised to help you succeed.  First, we know the market including who is buying and what is selling in Strathcona.  Plus, because we know all the pros and cons of Strathcona, we employ effective marketing strategies that help you sell your home quickly and for the optimal price.  We are among the top East Vancouver realtors for a reason – we know real estate, we know the East Vancouver real estate market, and we know the community. 

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Most importantly, as dedicated East Vancouver Realtors, we value professionalism and integrity.  Our clients are treated with care and respect – your goals are our priority.  These values help us to maintain a reputation as trustworthy and successful Strathcona Realtors. Let us go to work for you!


As you’ve likely already gleaned, Strathcona real estate represents an impressive diversity of homes.  The neighbourhood is truly eclectic whether you’re considering its population or the range of Strathcona homes for sale. 

In recent years, Strathcona condos are generally situated along Main Street or in the area known as Railtown along the Burrard Inlet.  Condos, including lofts and even converted warehouses, are plentiful and often affordable when it comes to the area real estate.

There is growing interest in Strathcona real estate for young families as well – with that in mind Strathcona townhomes are likewise popular.  There are also many character-style row houses and the many properties for sale either currently have heritage home status or may be eligible to become heritage homes.  There is certainly now shortage of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom homes for sale in Strathcona including detached homes, townhouses, and Strathcona duplexes.

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