Also known as the South Marine neighbourhood of Vancouver, River District Crossing is a master-planned community on the banks of the Fraser River in southeast Vancouver.  Somewhat akin to Yaletown, Coal Harbour, or the Olympic Village, the River District Crossing is a developing waterfront community that is bounded by Kerr Street and Boundary Road to the west and east and Marine Drive and the Fraser River to the north and south.

As experienced East Vancouver realtors, Oakwyn Realty has watched as the River District has grown from a largely industrial area with some forests as well as a smattering of homes and town homes into a rich and vibrant residential community with a variety of housing types with easy access to commercial amenities. 

Map Showing River District Crossing

The future of the River District Crossing neighbourhood is bright and over the next 25 years River District real estate for sale is expected to expand considerably as are community amenities such as parks schools, childcare centres, and so much more.  With a beautiful riverfront walk, plentiful restaurants and shops, and a bustling community centre, the River District is a prime location to invest in East Vancouver real estate.

What’s in a Name?

More recently, the neighbourhood has adopted the moniker “River District” or “River District Crossing,” but according to the real estate board, this area along the Fraser River in southeast Vancouver is commonly known as South Marine.  To make things even a little more confusing, the City of Vancouver recognizes the neighbourhood as East Fraser Lands.  So, if you’re looking at South Marine real estate or engaging with a South Marine realtor, rest assured that these are the same regions.  Likewise, East Fraser Lands real estate refers to River District real estate for sale and your River District realtor is poised to help you buy or sell your home in River District Crossing.




As a master-planned community, the River District Crossing is already home to all the amenities and services you would need for your day-to-day including grocery stores, coffee shops, banks, restaurants, and other commercial properties. 

Additionally, River District condos and River District townhouses benefit from ample greenspace with the future community plan indicating at least 25 acres of park space in addition to a beautiful riverfront walk.  Just outside the neighbourhood, there are large urban greenspaces nearby at Everett Crowley Park and Champlain Heights Park, not to mention the 18-hole Fraserview Golf Course.

Perhaps one of the key benefits recognized by your River District realtor is the long-term vision for the community.  As River District Crossing is still under development it represents a distinctly modern appeal and features some of the most environmentally-conscious building practices today.  Buildings maintain LEED Gold standard and are designed with energy and water conservation in mind.  Much River District real estate for sale provides stunning views of the Fraser River which offers the opportunity to take in what are arguably the best sunrises in Metro Vancouver and the lower mainland.

Fraser River Dock at River District Crossing

Plus, the community is at the forefront of River District development and the future is bright when it comes to East Vancouver real estate in this community. 

Ultimately, the River District is set to be a sustainable community with a mix of residential and commercial properties that allow you to live and play in the community you call home. 

Finally, River District condos and townhouses feature modern construction and amenities and are tucked away in a quiet corner of the City.  So while you can still easily access the urban conveniences of Vancouver, you can enjoy a peacefully relaxed lifestyle on the banks of the Fraser River. 


Many of Vancouver’s earliest sawmills were located on the East Fraser River on land where River District Crossing stands today.  As a result, the region had a distinctly industrial appeal well into the mid 20th century when homes, schools, and commercial properties began to pop up in the late 40s and early 50s.  By the 1960s, public transportation served the area and the neighbourhood continued to grow to include townhomes, detached single-family homes, and eventually condos.

Today, development in the area has been focused on bringing in mixed-use properties that include River District condos and River District townhouses.  What has traditionally been an overlooked locale for East Vancouver real estate is quickly becoming one of the most desirable locations to buy and sell homes – indeed, River District real estate for sale is among the hottest in the city.


What makes a great East Vancouver realtor? Obviously, a track record of success is a critical indicator that your realtor has what it takes to be your River District realtor, but there are more specific traits that make a great realtor.  Jacob & Jacky with Oakwyn Realty are successful East Vancouver realtors that combine unparalleled community knowledge with extensive real estate expertise. 

Moreover, we have a solid foundation in marketing principles so we can not only market your home but help you to find the home that meets all your goals.  Finally, we practice in the East Vancouver real estate market by prioritizing our clients and delivering exceptional communication and availability.  We are value integrity and transparency and we’re always ready to assist our clients achieve their real estate dreams.

As River District realtors and experts serving all of East Vancouver, we maintain a 5-star Google review because we know the East Vancouver real estate market, we know the properties for sale, and we take the time to know each of our clients.  Learn more about how we can help you to succeed in buying or selling your East Vancouver home by contacting us today.

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Choosing the right realtor means choosing somebody who knows River District Crossing.  Jacob & Jacky are your ultimate River District Crossing realtors because we have an in-depth understanding of not only the River District neighbourhood, but also the East Vancouver real estate market at large.  They work with each of their clients to identify their unique needs and goals and support them at every step of their real estate journey.

For clients selling their East Vancouver condos or townhouses, Jacob & Jacky provide professional advice on how to declutter and stage your home. They also oversee every aspect of your marketing plan, and accurately price your home so that you have confidence in your listing price.

If you’re looking to buy River District condos or River District townhouses, Jacob & Jacky excel as River District realtors because they know what’s available on the market and can match you to your perfect home no matter the budget.  Their first-rate community knowledge is combined with unparalleled industry expertise so they are poised to address any of your real estate goals.

Vancouver River District Crossing Realtors

As the River District Crossing neighbourhood features many newly constructed homes with so much future development on the horizon, choosing a River District realtor requires working with experts who see the current and future potential of River District real estate.

With over 20 years serving the East Vancouver real estate market, Jacob & Jacky know they are the perfect River District realtors and are waiting to hear from you to show you how they can put their success to work for you.


The River District crossing is a competitive landscape with a large stock of River District real estate for sale.  Working with Jacob & Jacky from with Oakwyn Realty puts you in touch with a team that offers a full-scope of selling services that represent specialized real estate marketing skills.  We effectively showcase your home by employing industry-leading marketing practices to draw quality prospective buyers to sell your home quickly and for the optimal price.

To sell your River District home, we develop highly attractive print and digital marketing materials including flyers, feature sheets, and videos that showcase your home to motivated buyers.  We target marketing materials to the ideal audience and we are dedicated to making your East Vancouver home for sale highly appealing.

From start to finish, Jacob & Jacky are focused on being your ideal River District realtor by offering comprehensive services to take the stress out of selling your home.  We offer expert advice to make your home look great whether that means decluttering, painting, or even landscaping, we advocate for complete home staging so your home delivers the ‘wow’ factor and stands out to prospective buyers so you can maximize your return when selling your East Vancouver home.


River District Crossing represents a truly exciting real estate market with a variety of residential building types including townhomes and condos. 

With a range of 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom River District condos and townhouses featuring modern construction, River District Real Estate represents dynamic homes with contemporary style in an urban environment within one of the world’s most naturally beautiful communities. 

Many of the newly constructed buildings also represent modern architectural style, but that doesn’t mean the community is out of reach for young urban professionals or families.  From luxury River District townhouses to more affordable River District condos, the community has something for everyone. 

Contact Jacob & Jacky, your River District Realtors to learn more about the exciting River District real estate opportunities available today!

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