Quiet, tree-lined streets against the backdrop of the Fraser River, Killarney is a growing neighbourhood nestled in the southeastern corner of East Vancouver.  After non-Indigenous settlement, the region remained home to beautiful farmlands and second-growth forest until after the Second World War. 

Today, Killarney, Vancouver represents a diverse community with convenient, local shopping, stunning parks, and a variety of real estate options to suit almost any lifestyle.  Indeed, low and high-rise developments along with improvements to existing streets and facilities ensure that Killarney will continue to serve a diverse population of home owners, while maintaining its position as a safe and environmentally-focused community on Vancouver’s banks of the Fraser River.

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When you connect with a Killarney Realtor, you’re sure to learn of the many great reasons to live in this neighbourhood.  The benefits of living in Killarney, Vancouver are myriad:

  • Convenient location and design
  • Diverse community demographics
  • Excellent facilities and amenities
  • Beautiful parks and green-spaces
  • Safe neighbourhood
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Investing in Killarney real estate simply makes sense for young families and established professionals alike.  The area has long been family-oriented, but with more recent development along the Fraser River, there has been an influx of young professionals – especially those looking to purchase their first home. 

Additionally, the vision for the community seems clearly focused on protecting the environment and beautification projects that would protect and expand greenspaces to only enhance the livability of the area.  Even commercial spaces in Killarney are increasingly being integrated into this overall green approach to development and city planners are dedicated to enhancing biking and walking routes to promote green links that make living and accessing Killarney more peaceful and enjoyable for residents.

As mentioned, Killarney is a family-focused region in Vancouver though there has been steady growth over the past 20 years with respect to the number of one-person households.  Jacob & Jacky have been East Vancouver Realtors serving Killarney for about 20 years, marketing homes and introducing buyers to the community. They explain, the neighbourhood is represented by a variety of cultural backgrounds as well as residents who span all ages.  For example, the population of children under the age of 19 is roughly equal to those over age 65 which means Killarney offers something for everyone.  The Killarney Community Centre is a pivotal amenity in the neighbourhood, there are a variety of sought-after schools, great parks and outdoor spaces including the Fraser River walkway which rivals Stanley Park’s seawall, and convenient shopping, restaurants, and entertainment as well.

Without question, Killarney is a community that serves a population whose interests, values, and lifestyles span the spectrum of Vancouver living.  Speaking of the Community Centre, newcomers to the area are often pleased to learn that they can access a full-sized gymnasium, swimming pool with steam room and whirlpool, ice rink, and fully-appointed fitness centre. 

As experienced East Vancouver Realtors specializing in Killarney neighbourhood they can attest that few neighbourhoods in Vancouver deliver on such robust community programs through their community centres.  Some of these programs include pre-school and childcare, seniors centre, billiards area, and dance studio offering so many opportunities for residents to connect, learn, and grow.  And we’ve hardly touched on other community amenities like parks and schools.

Bordered by Burnaby and the Fraser River to the east and south, east 41st Avenue to the north, and Elliott Street and Vivian Drive on the west, Killarney houses provide access to some of the best parks in the city including Everett Crowley Park with over 40 hectares of walking trails and an off-leash dog area.  Other parks in the area include Killarney Park, Champlain Heights Park, and there’s even a community golf course in Fraserview Golf Course.  If you’re keen on enjoying the outdoors, Killarney delivers.

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Working as an experienced Killarney Realtor with Oakwyn Realty, Jacob also feels that families are drawn to the area for its highly-regarded schools – and there are many great schools in the area.  Killarney Secondary School is the main public high-school in the area.  Residents also have access to a variety of schools representing different educational principles and goals including Killarney Park Preschool for younger children, Ecole Anne Herbert Elementary for French-language instruction, and even a Montessori program at Little Oak Montessori.  Killarney real estate is perfect for young and growing families who want to ensure excellent educational facilities for their children for their entire school-aged years. 



Jacob & Jacky with Oakwyn Realty are your neighbourhood Killarney Realtors.  They represent a partnership of East Vancouver Realtors with 20 years of experience in the Vancouver real estate industry.  As a local brand, they are professional agents who have established a positive reputation throughout Metro Vancouver with a particular focus on East Vancouver real estate

Jacob & Jacky strive to serve their clients with the highest level of professionalism and expertise and to that end they bring a unique combination of marketing savvy and intimate knowledge of Killarney and other communities in Vancouver

Specializing in the marketing and sales of Killarney homes, our team is at the forefront of community trends, real estate potential, and the myriad services and amenities that make selling your home a lucrative endeavour.  In a nutshell, we are the predominant Killarney Realtor who understands the local market, its target audience, and how to attract the right homebuyers.

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Ultimately, Oakwyn Realtors know that the East Vancouver real estate market is highly competitive.  Working in such a competitive industry might distract many Realtors from their core values; but for Oakwyn agents Jacob & Jacky real estate team, it has only clarified what sets us apart from the rest.  They go the extra mile to know each of their clients, their values, and their goals. For Jacob & Jacky, working with Oakwyn Realty has been a good match. It’s all about working with a brokerage with similar values. A brokerage which cares about the clients they serve.

Jacob & Jacky maintain a Realtor 5-star rating on Google reviews because they treat each of their clients as if they were their only clients.  When you work with Oakwyn realty & the Jacob & Jacky Realtor team, you’ll learn that they want to know what’s most important to you.  They provide clients with the most relevant information in terms they can understand.  In fact, clear and consistent communication is the foundation of their success. 

There can be risks associated with any real estate transaction, but as your Killarney Realtor their primary focus is your expected outcomes so they always discuss all the risks and benefits, so your needs are met.  Over the years, Jacob & Jacky’s business has grown because 80% of their transactions represent past clients or their referrals. It’s exponential. Happy homebuyers and sellers end up spreading the word to their friends and family.

So, if you are looking to sell your Killarney home, contact Jacob & Jacky Realtor team with Oakwyn realty – their track record speaks for itself as East Vancouver’s most recommended agents. Jacob & Jacky are proud to be among the highest performing real estate teams throughout the city.  They promise to work hard to achieve your real estate goals!


To speak more on Killarney real estate, the area is mostly made up of detached single-family homes on larger properties than you typically find throughout Vancouver.  As such, it is a lower-density community with a distinct family appeal. 

An experienced Killarney Realtor has seen the income demographics of the community rise over the past 15-20 years following the trend of increasing detached-housing prices throughout Vancouver.  Many of the homes for sale in Killarney range from 3 to 6 bedrooms or more meaning they accommodate large families well; and many of these homes feature rental suites that rent at a premium. 

There are fewer duplexes and townhouses, though there is certainly real estate stock for these types of properties.  Development along the Fraser River has led to an increase of low- and even high-rise condo opportunities.   In fact, zoning trends are impacting the availability of mixed styles of properties with a focus on promoting density.  With this focus on increased density, city planners are also focused on growing services and amenities to ensure the community’s infrastructure can accommodate a changing and growing population. 

This means there are opportunities for selling your Killarney home for development purposes as older properties are re-zoned to allow for Killarney townhouse and duplex projects as well.  All this to say, despite rising home prices, the Killarney real estate stock features affordable options for young professionals and smaller families.

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