As an experienced Kensington-Cedar Cottage REALTOR® licensed with Oakwyn Realty, we’ve seen tremendous growth in this East Vancouver neighbourhood over the past several years. 

The area offers many amenities that make it one of the most livable in Vancouver.  Great roads, close proximity to Commercial Drive and Nanaimo Street Skytrain stations, and bike routes provide multiple access options for Kensington-Cedar Cottage

Further, as any East Vancouver REALTOR® can attest, the neighbourhood is also blessed with beautiful parks, excellent restaurants, a variety of shopping options, and well-respected elementary and secondary schools. 

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According to the City of Vancouver, the Kensington-Cedar Cottage neighbourhood is actually the combination of two historic neighbourhoods.  However, from the perspective of a REALTOR®, it’s important to distinguish Kensington-Cedar Cottage as part of the Knight Street community and Victoria VE community.

Cedar Cottage is bounded by Kingsway, Broadway, Knight, Clark, and Nanaimo Streets.  First settled near the turn of the 20th century, Cedar Cottage was home to an early nursery.  Kensington is located between Kingsway, 41st Ave, Fraser Street, and Nanaimo Street.  Kensington-Cedar Cottage is home to John Hendry Park where you’ll find Trout Lake and the Trout Lake Community Centre.

Without question, Kensington-Cedar Cottage is one of the top up-and-coming neighbourhoods in East Vancouver.  In particular areas with quick access, the Fraser Street corridor is often referred to as “the new Main Street.”  You also have quick access to Commercial Drive with all it’s wonderful shopping, coffee shops and restaurants. There are many great new entertainment options you’ll have access to including pubs, restaurants, and shops, but there are also a variety of established amenities serving residents of the neighbourhood:




As top Kensington-Cedar Cottage REALTORS®, Jacob & Jacky real estate team is poised to help you find the perfect home in Kensington-Cedar Cottage.  Folks who are drawn to the area tend to represent young families and young professionals. 

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Lord Selkirk Elementary School is generally regarded as a wonderful East Vancouver elementary school.  They have a great lunch program and excellent after-school programs to support your children in their developmental needs from a holistic perspective. 

Charles Dickens Elementary School and Tyee Elementary School are also well-regarded schools serving Kensington-Cedar Cottage community. Of course, you want to know your kids can grow in their neighbourhood, and Gladstone Secondary School is a great stepping stone for young adults.  Ultimately, Kensington-Cedar Cottage is an ideal neighbourhood for young families.

Working as a Cedar Cottage REALTOR®, we’ve also seen this region gaining popularity with young professionals.  Part of the draw to the neighbourhood is proximity to public transit, bike routes, and of course some of the best entertainment in Vancouver.  Commercial Drive is nearby and well-known for bars, restaurants, and a variety of shops.  As local agents we are often highlighting the many stunning parks in the area:

  • Trout Lake
  • Clark Park
  • Brews Park
  • Glen Park
  • Sunnyside Park
  • Kensington Park

Of course, no matter your age, it’s also good to learn that the community is serviced by a wide range of excellent community facilities including multiple community centres and sports facilities.  You’ll find excellent fitness programs, social groups, and learning opportunities that allow you to enjoy a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Whatever your lifestyle, you’re sure to find the perfect fit and as your Kensington-Cedar Cottage REALTORS®, Jacob & Jacky are ready to find your perfect home.

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Jacob & Jacky have about 20 years of experience as REALTORS® helping clients buy and sell homes in the Kensington-Cedar Cottage area.  With extensive experience serving this area, Jacob & Jacky have nuanced knowledge of the neighbourhood including accessibility to amenities but also community plans for future changes.  When it comes to hiring a Kensington-Cedar Cottage REALTOR®, it is important to work with a team that knows the neighbourhood intimately to ensure that your unique goals are achieved.

Still, knowing real estate and the neighbourhood is just the tip of the iceberg when hiring an East Vancouver REALTORS®.  Jacob & Jacky also offer industry-leading expertise in marketing and negotiating. 

Whether you are selling your home or buying a home, they will help you get the best price because they’re highly skilled in all areas of real estate and marketing.  Indeed, Jacob & Jacky cultivated their roots in the community and we have great relationships with other local agents and community members at large. 

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Jacob & Jacky are top Kensington-Cedar Cottage REALTORS® for a reason.  They know what it’s like to live in the area, how to get connected with the amenities that matter to you, and they know about development plans throughout Kensington-Cedar Cottage community.  If you have a question, Jacob & Jacky can certainly answer it, and they pride themselves on offering the most professional advice. 

On the other hand, if you’re selling your Kensington-Cedar Cottage home, there are likewise benefits to using Jacob & Jacky’s real estate services.  They know the market and how to target sales to prospective buyers.  Jacob & Jacky also have a nuanced understanding of the values of homes and market trends and can highlight the key features and amenities of the area to prospective buyers. 

As you can see, there are myriad benefits of using Jacob & Jacky as your Kensington-Cedar Cottage REALTORS®.  East Vancouver’s Kensington-Cedar Cottage is one of the most desirable regions in the Greater Vancouver to live.  When you work with Jacob & Jacky real estate team, they walk you through every step of the process.  As a seller, they can visit and evaluate your home and help you prepare your home for listing to make the most favourable possible impression on prospective buyers.  If you’re buying a home in the area, Jacob & Jacky know the history of Kensington-Cedar Cottage, the location of the best parks, schools, and services, and are dedicated to ensuring the right fit for you. 


Briefly mentioned above is how the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver names the neighbourhood of Kensington-Cedar Cottage. Let me explain in more detail. The general public knows the area as Cedar Cottage but if you were to search for properties for sale, you would actually search for Victoria VE homes for sale and Knight homes for sale.

Yes, this can be somewhat confusing for homebuyers and home-sellers. Basically, the city has adopted Cedar Cottage as the name, while the Real Estate Board calls the area something completely different. Even more confusing is the fact the community encompasses two Real Estate Board neighbourhoods, Victoria VE and Knight VE.

It should be mentioned this situation is somewhat normal and many areas in Vancouver do not correlate perfectly with the Real Estate Board’s naming of areas convention.


Speaking of finding your perfect home, what kind of real estate will you find in Kensington-Cedar Cottage?  There are few neighbourhoods with as much diversity.  Indeed, the types of real estate in Kensington-Cedar Cottage include a good mix of residential options including condos, duplexes, and detached family homes.  In recent years, there has been a lot of townhouse development.  All this to say, the area is one of the most diverse and varied neighbourhoods in terms of East Vancouver real estate.

For young families, Jacob & Jacky have already established that Kensington-Cedar Cottage is a desirable neighbourhood with an impressive array of amenities including some of the best schools, parks, and community centres you’ll find in Vancouver. 

However, as a top Kensington-Cedar Cottage REALTORS®, Jacob & Jacky can also tell you that the community is home to a wide range of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom residential opportunities.  Whether you’re looking for a larger home to accommodate a growing family, or you’re purchasing your first home with the goal of starting a family, Kensington-Cedar Cottage delivers. 

There are many detached family homes but changes are afoot as well.  Zoning changes have allowed for multi-family dwellings on the larger lots, where single family homes once were.

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Kensington-Cedar Cottage is similar to many other East Vancouver areas, experiencing higher density living. So along with many lots being developed with duplexes and triplexes, more low-rise and concrete high-rise buildings are going up too.

Working as a Kensington-Cedar Cottage REALTOR®, we’ve seen first-hand how growth in the area has propelled property values; and yet, there are still great opportunities to enter the real estate market. 



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