Jacky & Jacob have been the most trusted & recommended East Vancouver REALTORS for almost 20 years. They’ve also maintained the highest Google rating among agents online.

As proud residents with extensive experience selling East Vancouver real estate, there’s no better agent team to help with your next purchase or sale.


Among the top selling agents, with over 1000 homes sold within two decades selling real estate. Attaining East Vancouver’s top selling Realtors has been no easy task. It takes dedication, hard work, organizational brilliance, attention to detail and a highly talented team of professionals.

How do they do it?

Making your East Vancouver home beautiful with home staging

Each home is presented in the best light possible, whether it’s owner occupied or tenanted. Their team consists of industry best professionals; home stagers, videographers, photographers and marketing specialists. Most owners are absolutely wowed by the final result!

Preparation can’t be underestimated. Jacob & Jacky achieved top selling agents in East Vancouver by taking the time to learn every detail of your home. They know how to tactfully communicate your home features, along with the benefits of your community to potential homebuyers. Never pushy sales, each potential buyer will leave with a positive, professional experience.

Negotiation breakdown is the prominent reason an offer does not lead to a sale. First and foremost, Jacob & Jacky focus on what they were hired to do, get your home sold! They have developed a pragmatic, effective, and strategic negotiation style. Your home will be sold for top dollar and favourable terms.


“Call us if you are considering selling your condo or house. No pressure and please know – always private”

(778) 229-5000

Highest Rated East Vancouver Realtors on Google Reviews


So, what makes a happy real estate client? Here’s some quotes taken directly from Jacob & Jacky’s realtor testimonials. Clients ranked them as the highest rated East Vancouver Realtors based on these qualities!

  • We were so impressed with the breadth of knowledge, and by the level of their professionalism.
  • Everything from the help of the staging of our home, to the quality of the photos. I highly recommend them for selling.
  • Not only are they knowledgeable, competent and skilled in what they know (ie East Vancouver real estate), they are both extremely good people.
  • They were extremely honest, insightful, and attentive to all our requests/questions from the beginning to the end.
  • We can’t express enough how thorough, involved, professional and relatable these two men are.
  • Jacob & Jacky took their time to listen and understand our needs, communicated professionally, and were always available and willing to answer questions.


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Selling our townhouse and buying a house was our fourth time using Jacob and Jacky. They have a way of making us calm in what could be a stressful time. We’ve always had confidence in their marketing and professionalism. We highly recommend Jacob and Jacky if you’re selling your east Vancouver home
Sophia & Tom Tang
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Jacob worked with us to find a house for our family in a challenging market where we were in multiple offers. We can confidently say Jacob is the top East Vancouver realtor. He always made himself available to answer our questions and was friendly, and patient. Jacob is extremely knowledgeable about real estate and we trusted his suggestions.
Ryan & Grace Thompson
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Excellent marketing plan and loved the way my home looked after their help with decorating. Jacob and Jacky are the best realtors in Vancouver I’ve met. I couldn’t be more happy with the results. I would recommend their real estate services to anyone who is selling their home in Vancouver
Cindy Xiao


Who is the best realtor to sell your East Vancouver home? This is somewhat a loaded question. There are so many things to consider but here are a few words to ponder.

  • Honest & Reliable
  • Client Recommended
  • Real Estate Experience
  • Contemporary Marketing
  • Pragmatic, Results Negotiation




You would be challenged to find another East Vancouver Realtor team with as much experience marketing and negotiating real estate as Jacky & Jacob.

If you were to ask Jacky & Jacob about their experience, they would describe the multitude of complex transactions and diverse real estate sold.

Their portfolio of properties marketed include condos, multi-unit investment buildings, land consolidation transactions, waterfront properties, multimillion dollar homes, new construction and heritage properties.


Their passion is helping families in East Vancouver buy and sell when the time comes! Jacky & Jacob are part of the community. They are experts in local real estate values and features of each community. What’s equally important is their professionalism marketing your home.


Top selling agents year after year. Among the highest selling at Oakwyn Realty Vancouver. Jacky and Jacob have accomplished Medallion status (top 10%) almost every year in real estate. They have also achieved team presidents club, top 1% of all realtors in their banner year.

Jacky & Jacob are also the highest reviewed and most recommended Realtors in Vancouver. They host a perfect 5 star rating on Google, based on clients satisfaction. Over 80% of their business comes from past clients and referrals!

Who is the best realtor to sell your East Vancouver home? This is somewhat a loaded question. There are so many things to consider which i’ll talk about briefly. One of the most reliable sources to evaluate different agents is client testimonials. Or receive a recommendations from friends and family.


East Vancouver houses, duplexes and condos

Real estate in East Vancouver is the most dynamic in all of Greater Vancouver. It’s also the most varied. It’s common place for Jacky & Jacob to market detached family homes, duplexes, townhouses and condos. This is what makes selling east Vancouver real estate so interesting.

East Vancouver has experienced an explosion of growth over the past decade. Most communities were once completely dominated by detached homes. Zoning changes have allowed for higher density houses. These changes have spurred the development of many townhouse and duplex style properties.

The fast pace changes have opened the door for Jacky & Jacob to gain unique

experience. They have extensive hands on experience with land assembly, marketing new homes, character houses, multi-unit developments, large family homes and all kinds of condos. Jacob & Jacky are well versed in all kinds of east Vancouver real estate!


Interested in selling your home? Jacob & Jacky have a stress-free approach to assisting with the preparation of your property. They will also work with you to determine the value of your home.

If you need home staging and small repairs before listing for sale, they can help you with that too. Their premium marketing will make your home look its’ best during the advertising phase.

You will find their open communication and constant updates will ensure your involvement every step of the way.

Real estate marketing for East Vancouver


This is a tough question but i can list some factors which can affect how long it will take to sell. Keep in mind though, this is why we are real estate professionals, experts at selling your home in the shortest time, best terms, highest price and least amount of stress!

  • The current market conditions can affect how long your home stays on the market. Our presentation always includes an analysis of your competition and current market conditions.
  • Our marketing plans include decluttering, fix-ups if needed, possibly painting & home staging. I often say, ‘nice homes sell fast in any market’. The work you put into the presentation of your home can affect how fast your home sells. We do understand there are times when a home-seller has limited control of presentation. An example would be a tenanted property. Even in these cases we have suggestions to work with the tenants to improve the presentation.
  • Pricing is an important factor. Our pricing strategy is essential to the success of your sale. This is often overlooked, but shouldn’t be. Many home-sellers think they need to overprice their home to leave room for negotiation. In our opinion, this style of pricing can often have lead to a problematic sale. In our article questions to ask your realtor, we talk in more detail about pricing strategies.
  • Some homes are harder to sell based on the area, price category, type of property etc. An example, the most expensive, high-end home in East Vancouver will be more difficult to sell than an average home. There’s a smaller market for luxury houses, especially in an area which is not usually considered for super-luxury.
  • Access. If the seller is limiting our days/times we can show potential buyers, it may take longer to sell. We understand it’s difficult to clean and prepare for showings. Selling is hard work for the homeowner too, but you need to put in the effort.

If we’re talking about the general market, it’s difficult to time the peak of the market during a cycle. Also, if you’re selling and then buying another home, this should be less of a concern. If you’re selling in a low market, you will also be purchasing in a low market, and vis versa.

I do have some comments about typical yearly rhythms. We find the market most busy mid-January to mid-June. The Vancouver real estate market is usually a bit slower in the summer. Homes are slightly harder to sell during the hot summer months. By mid-September the market is once again active. A strong market will remain until end of November. Every year is a bit different but what i’ve described is the typical year.

I’ve personally lived in a number of Eastside communities. Over the years i’ve lived in Collingwood, Cedar Cottage area, Main Street and Strathcona. We’ve helped clients buy and sell around 1000 homes in our career. On a daily basis we are marketing and showing properties all over East Vancouver. I can confidently say we know all the neighbourhoods quite well. Whether you have a home in Killarney, Cedar Cottage, Renfrew-Collingwood, Mount Pleasant, Hastings-Sunrise, or any other East Vancouver neighbourhood, we’re the right agents to market your property.

The Real Estate Board will not accept a listing contract less than 60 days. For this reason our contracts are at least two months in length. It’s not often we reach the expiry date. Most homes we market are sold or under contract well before end of contract.

New clients, who have not worked with us before are sometimes concerned about being locked into a contract. Please know, we have never held anyone to a contract who no longer wishes to sell. Sometimes an owner changes their mind about selling their home. Possibly they decide to rent out their property, or sell to a family member. To this date, we have not received a request to cancel due to dissatisfaction with our service.

Realtor commission in British Columbia is not fixed. Real estate professionals are free to offer different rates. Our personal rate is 7% on the first 100k and 2.5% on the remaining balance. This is inclusive of buyer agent commissions and costs of marketing your home. Keep in mind there is G.S.T. payable on commissions. Read our article about real estate commission in BC for more details on the topic.

We are open to discuss money and commissions but there are some important things to keep in mind. Rates include commissions for the agent representing the buyer, your marketing and various other expenses. We’re transparent about our fees and costs. In B.C., it’s now mandated for agents to provide a detailed breakdown of real estate commissions based upon a specific offer received.

Choosing an agent based on the lowest commissions can be problematic in my opinion. I feel it’s more important to understand the marketing strategy, quality of media, professionalism, experience, negotiation style, among many other factors. What’s the use of saving a couple thousand in commissions if your marketing is executed poorly, leading to negotiating your sale price down 50k or more. On the flip side, you should feel value for the commission you pay.